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All the Services Your Transit Needs to Keep Running Happy

If you own a Ford Transit, you are a part of a very lucky club. Not only can you customise them to fit the needs of your lifestyle or business, but they are extremely hardworking, long-lasting vans.

However, they are not without fault, and just like all vehicles, experience mechanical issues on occasion.

Ford Transit’s have a few mechanical issues that the team at FTSWA have found to present themselves more commonly. For this reason, our team have educated and worked to become the experts in these specialty repairs.

With our vast experience working on Transits, we can properly diagnose issues that are often misdiagnosed by repairers with little to no Transit experience. We can then provide you with a solution and repair that will get your Transit back on the road and working for you again.

Think there may be something wrong with your Ford Transit? Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team for a consultation and to book your car in for a diagnosis today!


We are Perths #1 experts in Auto Select Manuals (those transits with the push botton dash instead of a gear stick!). Capable of repair, replacement and servicing these highly specialised transmissions.


We are the go to experts for Transit clutch replacements! We offer a single mass conversion kit that will add years onto your van.

Diesel Induction

Treat your Transit to a bit of self-care and have it breathing like new again after getting rid of all that carbon!

Injector Pump and Injectors

Vehicle not starting? Revving erratically? Rattling engine? These can be tale signs of an issue with your Injector pump/injectors.

Suction Control and Pressure Relief Valve

These valves, one electronic and the other mechanical work together to stabilise fuel pressure for optimal, reliable performance. If you notice a rough ride, decreased fuel economy, or your vehicle is not accelerating, these valves may be a potential cause.

Timing Chain Replacement

Don’t believe the rumours that your timing chain is meant to last the life of your Transit!

Your Transit deserves to the best care and service available! Contact the FTSWA team for a no obligations chat about any issues you may be having with your Transit, or to book an appointment.

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