Clutch Replacement

Clutch Replacement

Is your Ford Transit experiencing any of the following symptoms?

If you’re noticing any of these changes to your vehicle, there is a high chance that your vehicle needs a clutch replacement!

Our Clutch Services

Here at Ford Transits WA we have our clutch replacement service fined tuned to perfection! We understand the importance of getting your Transit back on the road, which is why we offer comprehensive service that includes a single mass conversion kit and top of the line parts. Giving your Ford Transits clutch the refresh it needs to get you (and keep you) on the road.

Our Single Mass Kit includes:

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Why a Single Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit?

If you own a Ford Transit, chances are that you are dealing with a dual mass flywheel system.

What’s that you ask!?
We’ll have to get a bit techy for you, but essentially a dual mass clutch is made up of two rotating masses that have a set of springs inserted between them. The springs are sized to soak up some of the engine pulsing that diesel engines typically experience when they are under load or running at low RPM’s (we’re talking to you commercial drivers).
What this means is that the flywheel is hollow, and the rear mass is often very thin, which makes absorbing heat difficult. This ability to heat up quickly makes them more prone to warping and rapid overheating of the clutch disc.

Running at high revs, carrying heavy loads, or pushing your vehicle beyond the manufacturer recommendations will most likely see premature failure of your dual mass fly wheel.

The replacement of a dual mass flywheel with a single mass flywheel, means that you get a single, heavy metal flywheel, rather than two thinner pieces.


A single flywheel is capable of absorbing more heat, which protect your clutch from overheating.

The other benefit to a single mass flywheel is that it can machined down the track, rather than replaced, saving you having the cost of having to replace your clutch again.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent a clutch replacement?

Unfortunately, at some stage in your car’s life, you will need to change out the clutch.

What you can control is how quickly this clutch replacement will need to happen. Things you can do to maintain the life of your clutch include:

How long can you expect your car to be out for?

A clutch replacement won’t take us longer than a day!

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