Suction Control Valve & Pressure Relief Valve

Suction Control and Pressure Relief Valves

There are so many important parts that make your Ford Transit run it’s best! And so many of those important parts can be the cause of your engine problems!

One such component, is your Transits suction control and pressure relief valves. This small, but key component is found in all common rail (modern) diesels and helps to conserve your vehicles energy system by regulating the amount of fuel being pumped through the system.

What do these components do exactly?

The suction control valve is an electrical component that assists in sucking the fuel from the tank in to the back of the injector pumps
Your Ford Transit’s pressure release valve is responsible for regulating the fuel pressure.

Essentially, these two small components are the throttle to your fuel pump.

Common signs of an issue with your suction control valve include:

Many non-Transit mechanics or those not familiar with common rail diesel faults will mis-diagnose this issue as something else being wrong with your vehicle.

At Ford Transit WA, when your vehicle comes in with these symptoms, your suction control valves are the first place we’ll start. We have had hundreds of Transits come through our doors after spending money on a problem that didn’t exist, only to find that their suction control and pressure relief valves were the problem all along.

We will take the time to properly diagnose and repair (we replace both the suction valve and pressure release valve at the same time) the problem, so that you can your Transit back on the road and running it’s best.

Think your suction control valve might be the cause of your Transit’s poor performance?

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How do we go about diagnosing this issue?

To determine whether your vehicle is suffering from faulty suction valves, we will use our Scantel electrical diagnosis machine to check the pressure through these components. If we notice a large gap in the pressure, we can determine that this is your problem.

Do not ignore the problem! Not taking care of this problem or having it misdiagnosed by an inexperienced mechanic can lead to engine failure, cracked pistons or destroy your fuel injectors. All of which are costly replacements (and we don’t want to see anyone come through our shop for these problems)

Is there anything that can be done to prevent the problem?

Unfortunately, there is nothing specific you can do to prevent this problem from happening, as it is typically an issue with an electronic component. However, making sure you are servicing your vehicle at the recommended times can definitely help.

How long will the repairs take?

To correctly identify the problem, we need to perform a cold start. Which means that we will ask for you to drop your vehicle off the night before the service. From here, you should have you vehicle back by the end of the business day.

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