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ASM (Auto Selecting Manual Services)

Ford Transit Specialists WA are Perth’s specialist in ASM Conversion and repair!

Are you one of the lucky Ford Transit owners that has an auto selecting manual (otherwise known as an ASM)?

The team of mechanical specialists at FTSWA are extremely knowledgeable and well-rehearsed ASM service. With over 30+ years of combined service and experience working on Ford Transits, we can help to diagnose, repair or replace whatever issue you may be experiencing with your ASM.

If you think that there may be something wrong with your ASM, contact our team today for an over the phone consultation and to schedule your car for a diagnosis.

Our ASM services include:

About Ford Transit ASM’s

If you own a Transit that was produced between 2000-2005, you most likely have an auto selecting manual transmission in your vehicle.

For those unfamiliar with an ASM, or looking at purchasing a Transit with an ASM, this was a revolutionary feature that was introduced into Ford Transits built between 2000-2005. The ASM is a computer ran clutch system, that allows for the driver to switch between automatic and manual with the push of a button.

The benefit to this type of transmission includes increased towing capacity, and the ability to carry heavy loads (making it a real draw card for commercial Transit owners), and can overall help improve gas mileage.

However, as miles start to creep up on the odometer, the shift pump (a vital component of the ASM), is prone to failure. This can lead to issues including:

These problems can cause a snowball effect for your Transit’s engine, leading to engine failure.

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How can you tell if there is an issue with you ASM?

There are a few ways that you can tell that there may be something up with your ASM these include:

These symptoms will show up on occasion at first, but then slowly begin to get worse until you end up with a complete loss of gears.

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How long does an ASM service take?

Due to the many different types of service for ASM, we cannot give an exact timeline. A full conversion can typically take a couple of days though.

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